n 21

Castagnino anni '20, no label,not for sale...




n 32

old 4/4 german violin 1920/30 labelled Gustav Keller,

no corner blocks, new bass bar




Old 3/4 size violin, plain back,

Classified mediofino




n 54

Old 4/4 violin, good flame,

labelled Paganini



n 55

Old 4/4 violin, plain back



n 56

very old 4/4 violin, 800, repair label 1966



n 57

full size  Steiner copy late 800,

labelled Copie de Jacobus Stainer in Absom prope Oenipotentum, 1662



n 58

old 4/4 violin

 wine red, plain back




n 59

 Old 4/4 cello, east Europe (cyrillic label)   



n 60


arco violin 4/4 C.A.Hoyer anni 20




n 61


4/4 violin early900, Hoff stamped on back

(12/10/1920 penciled on a corner block)



n 62   c


4/4 violin old 1920/30

Nice flame



n 63   c


4/4 Klingenthal East German violin from around 1900

 labelled Gebruder Piacht, Schonback 1873

one piece back 




n 64   c

Old full size violin, branded on the back of the scroll Imperial violin with R.SCH: within a star.

Old german Markneukirchen model probably 80/90 years old




n 65

Old 4/4 Cello Stentor

Made in England !!!



N 66

Various old bows (some dozens)



N 67


Full size violin, very good flame

c.a. 80 years old



N 68

Old medium flame 4/4 violin

Strad 1718 labelled...



N 73

Old Japanese violin

Labelled: Suzuki violin kojo

Masakichi Suzuki

Nagoya Japan



N 74   c


Old Maggini style 4/4 violin,

Double purfled



N 76    c


Old full size violin no label, baroque neck


primo esame:

niente corner blocks,catena ricavata dal top

due tavolette di abete aggiunte come low corner blocks

molto antico traccia di antiva etichetta


N 81    c


Old full size violin, strad 17xx (german) label, very good flame+++



N 82    c


Old viola, 14 ,36.2mm, strad 1716 label



N 83    c

Bohemian reddish 4/4 violin

Dated 1962

Mellow sound



N 84    c


15 viola strad 1731 label



N 86    c

Old 4/4 violin strad 1745 labelled

Sounds great!



N 87   c

Old bohemian flamed +++ violin,

Nicolaus Amatus fecit in Cremona 1645 labelled ...



N 88

Old 4/4 violin Amati 1680 labelled

Sounds great!



N 90    c 

Old violin grafted neck,

Strad 1713 labelled


N 91    c

Old 7/8 violin,

strad 1721 (czech) labelled



N 92    c

Old full size dark violin

c.a. 1900 Stainer 17xx labelled

(Franz Adamczyk...)

great sound



N 93   c

15 viola Juzek

made in Germany by John Juzek



N 97    c

16 Tatra Rosetti Viola